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    Why are facts so hard to accept?

    Any normal person, regardless of nationality, color or political stance, would strive to get the truth and a full set of facts before deciding on doing one or the other. We all would (I hope). So how come that some 72 million people in the USA went to vote for the latter?

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    Unboss – more than just a philosophy

    Are you familiar with the philosophy behind the term 'Unboss'? Have you read the 2012 book that introduced the concept of the 'Unbossed organisation' yet? Did you find yourself among the sceptics initially dismissing the idea saying: "This is fine but will never work in real life"? Well, now some of the first experiences and results have started to arise, and they show that the mindset does in fact work!

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    Social Media is mostly about… me!

    On July 30, 2014, the Danish Social Scientist and Historian, Michael Böss, pitched a commentary in the Danish national daily, Berlingske Tidende, about how we - the primate Homo Sapiens - use Social Media. This made me think about the monkeys with the sticks.

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    Are you laughing enough at work?

    Laughter is most likely not the first thing you think of when you are asked to reflect on your job. Except perhaps if you are a stand-up comedian or a circus clown. But maybe we should start including the sheer concept of ‘laughter’ when planning our work.

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