Unboss – more than just a philosophy

Are you familiar with the philosophy behind the term ‘Unboss’? Have you read the 2012 book that introduced the concept of the ‘Unbossed organisation’ yet? Did you find yourself among the sceptics initially dismissing the idea saying: “This is fine but will never work in real life”? Well, now some of the first experiences and results have started to arise, and they show that the mindset does in fact work! Read full post »

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What is a meaningful job?

If your job feels meaningful to you only because it has a big paycheck attached, you may be in for a big disappointment. On the other hand, if you can explain why your job makes the world a better place, you might be on to something.
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Social Media is mostly about… me!

Some of human’s fellow primates succeed in using sticks when building a comfy nest or digging out termites and ants out from under or inside an old tree. Of course they have no manuals, classes or how-to-guides to learn these skills. But over time they have managed to share ideas and exchange knowledge and, together as a group, develop the use of sticks for new and extra-ordinary things. You would think that we as humans – the supreme primate – would be way ahead in this regard. But Read full post »

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Are you laughing enough at work?

Laughter is most likely not the first thing you think of when you are asked to reflect on your job. Except perhaps if you are a stand-up comedian or a circus clown. But maybe we should start including the sheer concept of ‘laughter’ when planning our work. Read full post »

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Happier without the sour bungle

Do you belong to that part of frequent Facebook-users starting to feel a bit nauseated – or just plainly annoyed – by the growing amount of cackle and bungle in that forum? And do you overall believe that the foundation for creating peace and a better world for all is our mutual ability and obligation to talk to each other respectfully and take joy in other people’s happiness and luck? Well, here’s an option to consider! Read full post »

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Jim Al-Khalili – An Ambassador of Science

One has to keep one’s mind fit and up-to-speed, when a global financial crisis leaves the number of possibilities at a low. Obviously a good deal of physical exercise helps – be it a jog in the woods or a swim in the pool. But by accident (or incident) I stumbled across a guy who has caught my full attention in the past few weeks, causing me to leave behind sneakers and several books, and exercise my brain instead. Read full post »

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Why work more than 40 hours?

I love to work – also when it requires more than the standard 40 hours a week. But does working more make any sense? The answer is of course both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Read full post »

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Rumination – or how not to bring a cow to bed

Humans in the industrialized world have a tendency to pack every day, not leaving time for even a few breaks.

Get up in the morning -> get the kids to school -> get to the job -> get the job done -> pick up the kids -> get some stuff done -> get dinner ready -> get the kids to bed -> get stuff done -> go to bed… AND THEN?!? Read full post »

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Working the competency profile

Monday – my first real day as hunter. Never has seeking out new challenges required more preliminary footwork of me. Read full post »

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Ken Ley – now in English

It is not the first time I publish in English. Both 2ndblog.net and Latebar.org is written or co-written by yours truly. But my everyday thoughts has only been public in Danish on kenley.dk. Now this will change.
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