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    Are you laughing enough at work?

    Laughter is most likely not the first thing you think of when you are asked to reflect on your job. Except perhaps if you are a stand-up comedian or a circus clown. But maybe we should start including the sheer concept of ‘laughter’ when planning our work.

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    Happier without the sour bungle

    Do you belong to that part of frequent Facebook-users who are starting to feel a bit nauseated - or just plainly annoyed - by the growing amount of cackle and bungle in that forum? And do you overall believe, that the foundation for creating peace and a better world for all is our mutual ability and obligation to talk to each other respectfully and take joy in other people's happiness and luck? Well, there is another option!

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    Jim Al-Khalili – An Ambassador of Science

    One has to keep one's mind fit and up-to-speed, when a global financial crisis leaves the number of possibilities at a low. Obviously a good deal of physical exercise helps - be it a jog in the woods or a swim in the pool. But by accident (or incident) I stumbled across a guy who has caught my full attention in the past few weeks, causing me to leave behind sneakers and several books, and exercise my brain instead.

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    Why work more than 40 hours?

    I love to work – also when it requires more than the standard 40 hours a week. But does working more make any sense? The answer is of course both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

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    Rumination – or how not to bring a cow to bed

    Everyone alive needs time to reflect - or to 'ruminate' - in order to stay alive, so to speak. According to Coach Chris MacDonald this is the most obvious thing to most enlightened people in the industrialized world. The question then is: Why the h... don't we take time of to ruminate?

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